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      Schools and Child Care Centers

                           Covid-19 Safety measures in place.

         All events -no sharing of equipment and phyisical distancing.

  1. Family Night or Hourly booking 

   Music, fun and light family fitness!     Play games and learn tricks at an     event designed for all. This 1 hr         session is hosted in your gym or       playground and is perfect for             community building. 

2. Staff Team Building 

With this fun interactive session, you can pick your focus on new games and tricks for your staff to use for body breaks for students or team building activities for all fitness abilities.  

Kidpaloosa Kitchener 2020

3. Whole Day Event

This exciting school-wide event provides hula hoop tricks and fun, blended with messages of positive self-talk and perseverance. We can host approximately 360 students with a 30-minute schedule but can be modified to suit based on 6 hours of teaching time. Hula Hoop is a great tool for everyday movement, Let me show you how!

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