Why Hoop?

Hula Hooping offers many great body and mind benefits.

  • spacial awareness

  • object manipulation

  • gross and fine motor skills

  • self-esteem builder

  • body awareness

  • balance

  • eye-hand coordination

  • Creativity

  • Stretch your brain! Get smarter by trying new things!

Fun and play are important at any age. Haven't hooped before or in a long time, no problem, classes/ events are designed for the beginner. Most tricks are done off the body.

Hosting events in the Waterloo Region of Ont. 

What's Happening?

     Types of events

       Team Building

            Family Night


        School Events

        Camp Drop In

   Youth Groups Drop In




Super excited to add Family classes starting in April at the Waterloo Memorial Rec Center


KW Womens show  is coming  March 21 and 22nd. Stop by my booth and learn a trick or two.


Come see me at Kidpolusa family day weekend 9-5 and at 6 shows be one of my volunteer hoopers on stage

Williamsburg Community Centre  7-13 age Starting in April

New- School programs 

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